Strain Name: Snowcap

Strain Classification: Hybrid

Potency: THC: 22%

Lineage: Humboldt Snow x Haze

Flavor: Grapefruit, Honey and Lemon

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Creative, Energetic and Focused

Medical Treatment: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain and Inflammation

High Duration: 3 hours

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Another West Coast strain that has developed quite a legacy for itself, Snowcap is a potent sativa with a nice lemony scent with a hint of menthol. The effects are decidedly cerebral and should trigger creativity, happiness, and a case of the giggles. Believed to be a hybrid of Humbolt Snow and an unknown Haze, the poorly documented genetic history leaves some mystery surrounding Snowcap. One thing consumers will agree on is the all-around flavor and potency of this robust strain.

The first one is an Indica-dominant strain and also goes by the names Humboldt Snow or Snowbud. It is most likely a cross of two landrace Afghani strains or an Afghani landrace and an original Haze. Producing a powerful body buzz, the strain may be effective medication as a painkiller, appetite stimulant and sleep aid. Supposedly, this strain carries up to 22% THC and can only be found as a clone.

The other strain came from Med Healing, before it closed, in Fort Bragg and is more correctly spelled Snocap or Sno Cap. It is a mostly Sativa strain that is definitely clone only and seems to be found only in California. It most likely came out of a mixed pack of Greenhouse seeds or Sensi Seeds Outdoor Mix. This strain is highly susceptible to powdery molds but rather easy to grow. During the flowering period, which can take between ten and twelve weeks, this strain will be very aromatic. The finished buds will provide a powerful happy-inducing high.

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