Strain Name: Plushberry

Strain Classification: Hybrid

Potency: THC 22%

Lineage: Black Cherry Soda x Space Queen

Flavor: Berry, Sweet and Earthy

Effects: Relaxed, Aroused, Sleepy, Happy and Euphoric

Medical Treatment: Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Depression

High Duration: 3 Hours

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Plushberry, a cross between Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen, is an 80% indica strain bred by TGA Seeds. The Black Cherry Soda lends this strain an aromatic berry scent, while the Space Queen genetics promote heavy resin production. Plushberry induces a deep relaxation in the mind and body, with calming qualities that melt away stress. There are two main phenotypes of Plushberry: one that grows smaller, pink-tinted plants, and another with bulkier, more indica-like formations. Plushberry flowers in 55 to 65 days with medium to heavy yields.

Recreational users choose this strain if they want to feel good without getting trippy and locked to the couch. The balanced profile will produce a cerebral high while the body melt creeps in slowly.

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