Jesus OG


Strain Name: Jesus OG

Strain Classification: Hybrid

Potency: THC 20%

Lineage: Hell’s OG x Jack The Ripper

Flavor: Earthy, Lemon and Sweet

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted and Focused

Medical Treatment: Stress, Depression, Pain, Inflammation and Insomnia

High Duration: 2 – 3 Hours

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Jesus OG was bred by TGA Subcool Seeds as the not-so-immaculate conception of Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper. Jesus OG proves to be a godsend for growers and produces tall plants and heavy yields. Users enjoy the lemony kush aroma of this indica-dominant cross, along with heavy effects that relax the body while leaving the mind functional and clear.

The high from Jesus OG takes hold quickly: users may detect a head buzz or may feel their eyes inadvertently narrowing. Such effects are soon met with a newfound sense of cerebral focus. Objects or random thoughts can take on a whole new significance. Because it is so thought-provoking, this strain is great as an aid for work that calls for analysis or creativity. There may be some slightly psychedelic effects as well — as their senses become more attuned to their surroundings, smokers may perceive sounds, colors, or even tastes more intensely. Jesus OG comes with physical sensations as well. At the very least, relief of tension in the muscles and chest can be expected. In higher doses, this strain can even pin users down on the nearest couch.

These well-rounded effects also have application for medical cannabis patients. Jesus OG sedative properties can provide relief from chronic, troubling aches and pains. It can relieve moderate headaches and more serious migraines. The same relaxation that this strain bestows on users’ eyes can even be an effective treatment for the painful intraocular pressure that comes with glaucoma. Meanwhile, Jesus OG’s euphoric uplift can be a great temporary treatment for those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Its clearheaded focus can assist patients with attention deficit disorders. However, because of this strain’s tendency to bring about freely-associative thinking, it may provoke panic or paranoia for those not accustomed to the “mindrace” that comes with potent sativas.

As enjoyable during the day as it is at night, Jesus OG is great for introspection and for tackling thorny problems that might require a new perspective. Although it works well in many different situations, this is a very social strain that works great at parties, lifting spirits and stimulating conversation. It may not provide you with a profound spiritual experience, but Jesus OG is sure to take you on a pleasant psychedelic jaunt.

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