The 10″ Jane West Beaker is a gorgeous tabletop water pipe inspired by the iconic beaker bong design. A modern take on a classic style, this glass water pipe features a long narrow tube for cooler hits and a 6″ wide base to keep the piece upright during use. The wider water chamber has ample room for churning up delicious rips, and the ground glass connection accepts 14mm male accessories. The stunning cobalt blue body is crafted with borosilicate glass, a highly heat-resistant material that won’t crack under high temperatures or adulterate the essential flavors of dry herb. Complete with its own 14mm funnel bowl with a large capacity, the Beaker brings an elegant and functional feel to the familiar bong experience.


Compatible with herbs
10″ Height
6″ Wide Base
Borosilicate Glass
Fixed Diffuser Downstem
Funnel Bowl
Works with 14mm Male Accessories